Best hardware: The Launch X431 V+ is the newest version of the X431 standard and is the successor to the V, IV and X431 Diagun III versions. This model has a higher hardware configuration, larger storage capacity, faster processor, latest displaytechnology (10.1 inch capacitive touch screen), and bigger battery for a longer use time between ... Sep 24, 2021 · Performance Modifications Forum - Launch X431 Issues - Not sure where to post this but looking for some assistance. Have the newest X431 Pro v5 and it was working fine on my 2017 Macan GTS. All of a sudden it won't automatically read the VIN and when I input the VIN manually, it won't communicate with the ECU so won't... 元征科技主要从事车联网产品及汽车后市场产品研发,包括golo、汽车诊断设备、检测设备、养护设备的研发、生产和销售,旗下产品有golo、X431诊断仪、creader读码卡、四轮定位仪、举升机等 Notification to remind purchasing X431 device through legal channels ( 2011-01-26 ) LAUNCH DISTRIBUTOR ANNUAL FORUM SHANGHAI 2010 ( 2010-06-04 )